How to Win in Teen Patti

Winning while playing Teen Patti makes the gameplay more interesting. But to win, you need a combination of both luck and skill. With a few basic strategies, you can improve your skills and your chances to win. Here are my 14 tips on how to win in Teen Patti.

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How to Win in Teen Patti

1. Study the Rules

Make sure you learn the rules before playing Teen Patti. It will enable you to play the game properly. You will also have an idea of what moves to make at any point in the game. You can learn the rules of Teen Patti here

2. Practice with Free Games

Many sites allow you to play Teen Patti for free. Before you play Teen Patti for real cash, you should first play a few rounds for free. This will help you experience how the game works and what to expect when playing for real money. 

3. Play Blind

Play blind as much as possible. If you play blind in the first couple of rounds, it could get some of your opponents confused. It will be impossible for them evaluate the strength of your cards based on your body language. This could push your opponents to fold quicker.

Playing blind also allows you to place smaller bets and lose less.

4. Start with Small Bets to Lower Your Risk

Remember, Teen Patti is not a short game. You get to play many hands in just one session. If you start with small bets, it will reduce your risks of running out of money quickly. It will also give your ore chances to win.

5. Start with Small Bets to Encourage Players to Fold

Start with small bets and then, after a few betting rounds, place one big bet. Doing this will make other players think you now have a better hand. It will make them fold their strong hands.

6. Keep a Good Poker Face

A poker face is simply a blank face to hide your real feelings. If you do this, other players would not be able to read you. This can help you confuse other players. However, you can’t do this if you are playing online Teen Patti as no one sees your face.

7. Bluff or Fold if You Have a Bad Hand

Bluffing when you have weak hands can make players think you have a good hand and make them fold. When playing online, you can bluff using your betting skills as no one sees your body language.

If you don’t think bluffing will work, then you can fold to avoid losing more money.

8. Don’t Post a Big Bet Directly When You Have a Good Hand

If you place a big bet, players with weak cards may fold immediately. But start with a few smaller bets, you can give enough time to make the amount in the pot grow. If the players fold when the pot has grown enough, you would walk away with a huge amount.

9. Keep an Eye on Opportunities

You have to be alert to see opportunities when they come. When you find a lot of players folding their hands, you should take advantage. Decide from what you have in your hand and you can start betting big to have an upper hand. If you don’t have a good hand, you can fold.

10. Never Play with More Money Than You Can Afford to Lose

Before you start to play the game, set a limit of how much money you will play with. Don’t play with more money than you are willing to give away or what you can lose. Don’t bet with money you need to use for other needs.

11. Study Your Opponents

From time to time, study your opponent’s body language and their playing pattern. Some players cannot hide their emotions while they play and you can take advantage of this.

12. Use the Sideshow Option

If you are doubtful of your cards, you can ask a preceding player for a sideshow. Anyone who has a stronger hand between you two will win. This can help you decide whether to continue with the game or not.

13. Pack if You Are Unsure

Whenever you are unsure of your hands, it is better to pack and try again. This way, you will lose only a small amount of bet.

14. Don’t Be Scared to Lose

You can’t win at all times. Just because you lose one rounds doesn’t mean you are a bad player. If you lose one round you can win more money the next round if you get a better hand.