Privacy Policy

You do not need to worry about your private information when you use We pay maximum attention to every area of our site that concerns your private data.

Continue reading this privacy policy to find out what happens to your information when you visit the site. Find out what information we collect, how it is stored, and who else can access it.

What Information Do We Collect?

  • We collect your name, email address, and telephone number when you subscribe to our emails or sign up on the site.
  • We store details of any conversation you have with our customer service team
  • Positing of comments, joining competitions, and completing surveys submit some of your general information to our site.
  • We collect your site preferences and IP address on your visit
  • Cookies such as your location, activity on the site, and search habits are collected.

What Do We Do With the Information We Collect? is committed to protecting your privacy. So, we do not sell or share your private data to a third party without express permission from you except in the following cases:

  • If your data is required by court order or for other legal purposes
  • When a merger or acquisition of our site occurs, your data stored will be transferred to the new owner. If this happens, we will notify all our users.
  • Some trusted third parties like SMS services or email delivery platforms may have access to some of your data. However, we work with these third parties under a strict confidentiality agreement

We store your data on our secure server. Following data protection laws, the data we store includes your browser details, IP address, pages you access, time of visits, and personal data.

You can contact us anytime to remove your stored data or unsubscribe from our site. All your information will be removed from our server and any third party.

Use of Cookies

Cookies pass information between your device and the websites you visit. They are used to collect your activity on a website. On our site, we use authentication cookies and track your traffic log.

Anytime you return to our site with the same device, your browser sends information through cookies to our server. This helps our server get information on how you use our website. For example, what pages you visit frequently and how long you use the site. It helps us deliver a better user experience to all our users. Here’s a summary of what cookies send to our server:

  • Through the traffic log cookies, we know your browsing habits and what pages you visit most on our site
  • Cookies for tracking helps us identify third party sources to our website, such as Google.
  • To protect your private data, we use authentication cookies with logins and accounts.

If you feel like restricting the cookies we collect, you can customize the settings on your browser. However, this will affect your experience on the site.

Updates to our Privacy Policy

You will be notified whenever we make changes to our privacy policy.