These are the probabilities for Teen Patti with 52 cards, without joker cards.

Trio or set520.24%424:1
Pure sequence480.22%459.42:1
Sequence (run)7203.26%29.69:1
High Card1644074.39%4.90:1

In the table above you can see the frequency, probability and odds for each Teen Patti hand. This is what each term means:

  • Frequency is the number of ways to be dealt that hand.
  • Probability is how likely you are to be dealt that hand in each round.
  • Odds are the number of ways not to be dealt that hand, compared to the number of ways to be dealt that hand.

For example, there are 52 cards in Teen Patti and as a player you are dealt 3 cards. To calculate the probability and odds you need to use this formula 𝐶(𝑛,𝑟)=(𝑛/𝑟). You can find it on a scientific calculator or Googling “combined nCr calculator”. N = 52 (number of cards) and r = 3 (number of cards you are dealt). The value you get equals 22,100.

The frequency to draw a trio is 52. The probability is then 52/22,100 = 0.24%.

The odds to draw a trio is 22,100:52 or 424: 1.

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