Here are 15 Teen Patti terminologies you should know.

  • Ante – This is also called boot. It is the amount of money the players need to wager before the cards are dealt
  • Chaal – When you play Chaal in Teen Patti, you see your cards before placing the next bet. You will have to bet at least twice the current ante.
  • Blind – Playing blind means making the next bet without looking at your cards. You can become a Chaal player at any time but then will have to follow the Chaal rules.
  • Pot – This is where the bets are placed. It is the collection of the total wagers.
  • Fold – When you think your card-hand isn’t good enough, you fold or pack. That is, you decide to quit the game.
  • Raise – When you raise, you increase the bet amount to a maximum of 2x the previous player’s bet (if you play blind. If you play chaal you can raise 4x the previous player’s bet. 
  • Call – this is placing an equal amount to the previous players’ bet.
  • Show – This happens at the end of the game when two players are left. Both of them will have to reveal their cards so that the winner can be chosen.
  • Compromise – two Chaal players can at any time compare their cards. The player with the worst hand must fold. 

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  • Fixed limit – Playing Teen Patti with a fixed limit means you cannot bet more than double of the last bet.
  • Spread limit – you cannot raise your bet beyond an agreed amount, regardless of what the previous bet was.

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  • Sidebets – These are optional bets made in the game. A player can choose not to place a sidebet but will also not be able to benefit from it.
  • Post –This occurs when a player joins an Andar Bahar game again after taking a break. The player has to pay the amount of ante paid during the time he was absent.
  • Trio – This is a set of three cards all of the same value. This is the best hand you can have in Teen Patti. 
  • Pure Sequence – A set of three consecutive cards of different suits.

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